HI Everyone!

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HI Everyone!

Post by KaiketsuLily on 2013-02-07, 15:46

Hello everyone! I'm Emily, I'm 14 years old and I'm Italian.
How did I find this group? Well, looking for something on facebook inherent Kaiketsu Zorori.
This soul, along with hamtaro and Pokemon, has been one of my favorite cartoons.
The only thing, though, decent in the Italian version of Zorori were the voice actors, since the cartoon was very censored.
Now, to recover the lost years, I'm looking Zorori in Japanese sub English or Spanish.
What else to say? (Good question ...)
I hope to stay well in this group and find, perhaps, a friend.
Forgive the grammar, but I'm not good at English ...
(please, answer me or I feel lonely š.š)
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