Beast Saga - the Battle Beasts anime!

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Beast Saga - the Battle Beasts anime!

Post by Krillos on 2013-01-19, 18:22

Anyone remembers the old Battle Beasts-toyline? Small toys about various animal warriors with square-shaped crests which holds certain powers on their chests? Well, it looks like the franchise is getting an revival. New toys, new manga and A NEW ANIME SERIES.

Something Team Zorori-Project would be interested in?

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Re: Beast Saga - the Battle Beasts anime!

Post by Acru-Fox on 2013-01-21, 12:06

Seems there isn't much interest in this series in Japan. I can only find one release for the raws and not in TS format so these would have to be translated by ear which would put this project after Tetsunoshin and then Okojo.

Only way this would be bumped up as a project is either they start showing up in TS RAW format (*.ts) or a translator specifically jumps on board to translate them. The translators we do have already have a full work load. That or they make it to bluray and get bumped up that way.

I'll pull down the raws that are available now just in case.


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