Okojo, still looking for a translator...small update

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Okojo, still looking for a translator...small update

Post by Acru-Fox on 2013-01-07, 11:34

Still looking for a translator, if anyone ever sees these messages and want to help out.

As a side note, it wouldn't cost $500 anymore to import all 13 DVD's anymore, a 13 disc set was released last year. So the cost is down to $160 with shipping plus the duty of $20-$30 that would be charged on delivery.

We still have all the resources to do this minus the translator, but without volunteers to help with the series, it will be on hold until Tetsunoshin is completed.

As you have seen in recent weeks, I have no problems putting out 6 episodes of new material on a weekend. It's not for a lack of trying...the series has to be translated by ear which is a lot slower to do than newer series which come with the entire script written in Japanese. We even have more than one timer willing to work on our projects now, so it allows us to catch up faster on stuff.

We wouldn't even need someone fluent in English, we just need someone to watch the series in Japanese and write the script down in Japanese, we can handle it from there. It's the fact that the series has all these different accents and a lot of the characters shout/scream a lot so it's very difficult to understand what they are saying unless you are native to the language/dialects.


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