Some simple website suggestions

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Some simple website suggestions

Post by jasper on 2012-09-23, 17:02

(First off, thanks again for all your hard work. You guys rock =3 )

The website can be a little hard to navigate, especially for newcomers (like my friends).
1. The Crying-Zorori-Episodes link at the top of all pages links to dead Megaupload links. How about linking to Nyaatorrents or Anime Access instead?

2. In the "Zorori and Usagi Torrents" stickied thread on "News and Releases", it links to a dead torrent tracker (broken link). Why not have it link to Nyaatorrents or Anime Access instead?

Yes, I realize that these links can be found on the portal page, but sometimes people find this site through searches, so they're not looking at the portal page. Most people don't even know what a portal page is, and 'home' just takes them to the forum.

3. Unless I'm mistaken, Oblivion Island is missing from the NyaaTorrents page.

Just some suggestions.

Thanks again! =D

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