White Heart Baekgu

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White Heart Baekgu

Post by jasper on 2012-09-23, 16:51

White Heart Baekgu (하얀 마음 백구)

Sol and Dong live with their widower father on an island village, where he works as a fisherman. One day a white puppy enters their lives. They adopt him and name him Max. However, after their father dies at sea and circumstances separate Max from Sol and Dong, Max must find the will to fight his way home, so he can be reunited with his owners.

NOT YET TRANSLATED (*hint hint*)

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Re: White Heart Baekgu

Post by Nanorat on 2012-09-24, 10:10

Sadly, no hints will help - its impossible to find. Its an extremely rare show. I spent months trying to get the DVDs - nothing. Not a single one for sale; retired, sold out. No The original DVDs already have english subs included, it would only take to rip the show to put all episodes english-subbed up at once. But, no way to find the DVDs - no way to get rips.... Ive had no luck finding anyone in Korea, or knowing Korean to find those DVDs in non-english shops, either.

So, unfortunately, as much as many people would love to see it online - impossible. Unavailable. No

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