Zenryoku Episodes 50-52 (End of Series) Posted!

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Zenryoku Episodes 50-52 (End of Series) Posted!

Post by Acru-Fox on 2012-07-19, 20:05

Thanks goes out to everyone who helped us finish this series. Better late than never. Thanks goes out to Otherside27 and Axelfar for doing some last minute translating so we could bring Zenryoku to conclusion. Since there are 52 episodes, in a few days I will batch torrent the episodes into 5 chunks to cut down on clicking 52 times for those who were waiting for the series to be completed before downloading.


Episode 50:

Zenryoku Usagi - 50 [704x396] Torrent
Zenryoku Usagi - 50 [1280x720] Torrent

Episode 51:

Zenryoku Usagi - 51 [704x396] Torrent
Zenryoku Usagi - 51 [1280x720] Torrent

Episode 52(End):

Zenryoku Usagi - 52 [704x396] Torrent
Zenryoku Usagi - 52 [1280x720] Torrent


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