Final Zorori Series 2 Batch Torrents

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Final Zorori Series 2 Batch Torrents

Post by Acru-Fox on 2012-05-19, 00:34

Decided to batch torrent Series 2 and Series 3 of Zorori since clicking on ~50 torrent links is a bit much. Have some new people helping out with Zorori-Project and bringing them on board this past week and setting up for Arashi and ironing out gon and hopefully finishing off Zenryoku and batch torrenting that.

Please keep in mind the batch torrents of Series 2 are the same as the single episode torrents I took down. If you already downloaded Series 2, these are the same files.

Anyhoo, if you want the series 2 batch torrent then click below:

Series 2 Batch Torrents

Also fixed the batch 1 torrents, should be seeding again. Please seed as long as you can. Thx ^^


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