Oblivion Island HD Release Question

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The Oblivion Island HD release should be in:

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Oblivion Island HD Release Question

Post by Axelfar on 2010-04-28, 04:07

We raised enough money to get the Oblivion Island Haruka and the Magic Mirror Blue-ray and we want your input on how we should release it. Please vote in the poll and/or leave a comment with your thoughts.

*As of right now, the 1080p release is 3.8GB, it's in MKV format and you can turn off the dialog subtitles if you wish. Smile Once I finish checking for any errors it will be a few days to upload it since it's such a large file, hopefully it will be ready for the weekend.


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Re: Oblivion Island HD Release Question

Post by KMcVay on 2010-04-28, 18:54

Yay! Congrats on raising enough money. I'd love to watch the movie in 1080p HD but the large file may be an issue with a few people. It would be great if you decide to release it in both 720p and 1080p, thus allowing two options for download. I'd rather see it in 1080p than 720p but by providing both, the movie wouldn't be limited to those who do not have a strong internet connection or those who are impatient. I've also noticed that some graphic cards play 720p smoother than 1080p. If only one can be done, I'd say go with the best quality possible! No matter what you guys choose to do, I'm excited and can't wait till release. Very Happy

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