Series 1 Version 2 Update!

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Series 1 Version 2 Update!

Post by Axelfar on 2009-12-01, 14:12

Well some good news! All the corrections/fixes to episode 1-52 have been completed. Since yell0wf0x has upgraded all the scripts with the new formatting, all that has to be done now is the scripts simply need the corrections put in and then I can start encoding.

For those who have been waiting for series 1 to be re-posted on youtube, or have been waiting on this project to be completed, you will not have to wait much longer! Expect the episodes to be rolled out during the next 5 weeks in batches of 10. It will be about a week between releases.

Looks like Zenryoku will also be starting up soon and we might even be able to officially say that we're picking up on Okojo as well. Since so much is going on right now I'll just leave it at that for now.


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