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Post by mokkuru on 2009-08-14, 06:50

Came here looking for a reseed actually, but it seems you need seed more than I do.

I don't have a lot of upstream bw but I can say I have quite a bit of diskspace. All the zorori project subs fit on it just fine. I'll just hit all the files on scarywater, but I don't have them all at 100% so if you want this to be really useful, I'll need all the files somehow. Just msg me (or use your evil admin powers to find my email).

Or if you're just some leecher reading this, do the same thing as me. It's stupid easy.

It's really terrible if it's impossible to get your work, especially since it takes days to sub one episode.
That's days of work. Not days occasionally doing a little bit of subbery.

Anyhow, it's not FAST, but, at least for the things I already have on disk, it's up to 100%.


Seems like a fair amount of files will get fully downloaded already, just not all of them.

I'll just leave it running and check back tomorrow to see exactly which ones really don't arrive.


Interesting, it's all full up, now. Well, huh, enjoy?
And thanks whoever helped me get the zenryoku usagi episodes I was missing.

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