Zorori seeds

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Zorori seeds

Post by Levanti on 2009-06-10, 07:45

I'm an avid anime watcher but for some reason I haven't even heard about Zorori before :D I like Keroro a lot and I suppose Zorori is a bit like it, so I would like to give it a try. But here's the problem, I hate watching streamed anime and your torrents don't have seeds :(

"There's always an active seed, so no need to worry about dead torrents"

Well, that "active seed" isn't very active ^_-

Too bad you don't have batches, they are so convenient.

Somehow I find it very sad that you put a lot of effort on every episode and then we can't even watch them. :(


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Re: Zorori seeds

Post by Axelfar on 2009-06-10, 08:27

Z-P is a small anime group and we don't have the resources avilable to us to simply seed everything, I personally don't like the whole torrent concept. Unfortunately the way internet providors are going, one cannot just keep seeding torrents forever and ever, enough bandwidth as it is gets eaten up by new episode releases.

It hasn't really been brought up that many times as an issue, unfortunately there is no real resolution to it.

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