Zorori Movie + Okojo Info

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Zorori Movie + Okojo Info

Post by Acru-Fox on 2008-04-13, 00:03

First of all, since we couldn't find a translator of Okojo-san, we will not be subbing this series. But worry not Okojo fans as another group, Subbers Anonymous, is going to sub it. Their IRC channel is #subbersanonymous@irc.rizon.net

But we're still looking for translators for the other series in the Furry/Kemono Anime Section, so please feel free to apply Very Happy

We've started work on bringing you the Zorori Movie. It's about the length of two episodes, so it will take a while to release it. The timing is done and our translators are hard at work. Expect daily updates in the Zorori Movie thread. There will be info on our progress and random pictures from the movie.

Feel free to leave a comment or two, or start a conversation on our channel at #zorori-project@irc.rizon.net
It'd be nice to know someone is reading the posts Very Happy

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Re:Zorori Movie + Okojo Info

Post by dominiquepucca on 2009-10-17, 08:52

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